While still relatively new in South Africa, the concept of the male-only spa is growing and new spas are popping up as a result. The men’s only spas are aimed at a discerning male clientele and treatments are formulated to deal with male health and wellness needs, including firmer massage techniques and a range of cosmetics aimed at preserving and pampering the male skin.

Did you know?

According to the Spa Association of South Africa, over 30% of clients are now men.

With an increase in men more concerned than in the past about their grooming, spas are no longer the sole preserve of women. It is estimated that men now account for more than a third of all customers at health and wellness facilities.

Men are increasingly conscious of the value of spa treatments to the health and appearance of their skin, and in helping to reduce their stress levels. A sportsman is aware of the benefit of a massage on overworked muscles, while a business executive knows how a neck-and-shoulder massage can release the stress of too many hours hunched over a computer.

More and more spas around the country are going ‘neutral’ to appeal as much to men as women. They stock men’s products and offer male-specific treatment packages. They provide separate changing facilities, bigger bathrobes and appropriate reading materials.

Some spas are taking it a step further and going male-only, taking into account that male customers often prefer male therapists and firmer massage techniques. The Male Spa in Pretoria, for example, offers a full range of treatments and grooming, carried out by qualified professionals. They also have a mobile service, and therapists will travel to addresses throughout Gauteng, saving their clients traffic time.

In the grounds of the Sandton Boutique Hotel in exclusive Sandhurst, you’ll find Sprout Wellness Spa, with an all-male staff, supervised by an Austrian-trained professional and contributor to a well-known men’s magazine. In the Cape Town suburb of Greenpoint, Glasshouse Rejuvenation for Men is a one-stop grooming emporium in a masculine environment, where clients can enjoy a cold beer or single malt while having a pedicure. Treatments include facials, massages, waxing, tinting and hair grooming.

The male-spa has also become popular for bachelor or stag parties. While going to a bar was the norm in the past, some men, it seems, are now opting for spa experiences instead. At least, that way, there's no risk of the groom not making it to the church on time.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Sprout Wellness Spa
Tel: +27 (0)11 039 5889
Email: book@sproutonline.co.za

Glasshouse Rejuvenation for Men
Tel: +27 (0)21 419 9599/8
Email: info@glasshousemen.com

Best time to visit

It is essential to book your treatment beforehand.

Around the area

Both Cape Town and Johannesburg are great places to get active. In Cape Town you can take a long walk or run on the Sea Point promenade next to the sea. In Johannesburg there are a number of gyms in all the major centres if you wish to have a workout. Virgin Active and Planet Fitness are very popular with locals and international travellers.

Get around

Having your own car will be an advantage, especially in Johannesburg.

What will it cost

Massages start around R350. A basic facial will cost approx. R400.

Length of stay

Book a half-day or a full day at the spa for some serious pampering. Some spas also offer treatments in the evenings.

Where to stay

There are a number of good guest houses and boutique hotels in Green Point and Sea Point, Cape Town. If staying in Pretoria you could opt for the Sheraton Hotel or perhaps stay out of town at Kieviets Kroon. In Johannesburg, travellers may want to stay over at The Saxon, The Hamilton or The Marion on Nicol, all choice boutique hotels.

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