Ginkgo boutique spas offer holistic spa treatments in intimate surroundings. The focus at these spas is on the individual – you'll never feel part of a 'sausage factory' spa experience when visiting one of these upmarket spas in the scenic Cape.

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Ginkgo offers Ginkgo on the Go, a mobile massage service.

Ginkgo boutique spas are located in South Africa's Western Cape province. The Ginkgo philosophy is based on holistic health and wellness principles to bring about order and a sense of balance to the psyche and body. The aim is to not only allow the client to enjoy some well-deserved time-out and pampering, but also to make use of the experience in a way that is beneficial to better health choices in the long run.

Part of the Ginkgo Spa and Wellness Group, Ginkgo spas offer an intimate spa experience, and at any one time you are guaranteed no more than four treatment rooms at any one location – which means personalised pampering.

The spas offer a range of treatments and therapies. Treatments are largely based on traditional touch therapy – the body has memory, and by using the healing power of touch, toxins and pent-up anxieties can be released in a safe and caring space. Each touch therapy session starts with a symbolic foot cleanse, which is step one in clearing one's energy of stress and toxins brought about by everyday urban life.

The Ginkgo boutique spas offer a range of signature treatments, including the Ginkgo 'Elixir' Signature Massage – designed to help you unwind and to leave you feeling rejuvenated. There is also the Ginkgo 'Ataraxia' Massage – a three-part rhythmic massage that targets tensions and emotional anxiety. And there's even one for the boys – the Ginkgo Golfer's Specialised Signature Massage.

There are also a range of skin treatments, facials, pedicures, manicures and beauty treatments available. The Ginkgo Spa and Wellness Group uses top international and local products including Nimue and Mama Mio (a skincare range for pregnant women).

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