The classic risk-and-reward design of the course at the Clarens Golf Estate in the Free State allows for a highly memorable experience ... as much for the challenge of each hole as for the sparkling waters and golden mountains that frame the layout.

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The 27m Lombard poplar, transplanted from a local farm to the Clarens Golf Estate, is reputed to be the tallest tree transplanted in the southern hemisphere.

Who would imagine that you'd find yourself thinking of broken-hearted maidens as you work your way around the stunning Clarens Golf Estate course in the Free State? But you may well, for the 360-degree view of the golden sandstone mountains that frame the course includes the legendary Mount Setlofe (also known as Mount Horeb).

According to the Basotho people who come from this area, Mount Setlofe is actually a shy maiden who was due to be married to a handsome warrior named Matsa (who is incarnated in another mountain here called Rhebokkop). Tragically, he left her for another, and, every time she remembers this, she draws her veil around her head and weeps. When the people of Clarens see that Mount Setlofe is shrouded in mist, they know the maiden is weeping and that it will rain.

That’s the beauty of golf – no matter where in the world you travel, it offers intriguing landscapes along with the challenge of the game. At the Clarens Golf Estate, local legends combine with mountains, rivers and a par-71 course to offer visitors a stimulating 18 holes. Great care has been taken to ensure the course’s risk-and-reward design offers a memorable game.

The estate offers the services of a resident PGA professional to help you fine-tune your game. It also has a fine clubhouse with a fully stocked bar and restaurant, as well as luxury accommodation in privately owned homes that are made available to visitors. For those who enjoy walking, the estate offers exceptionally scenic trails.

The nearby town of Clarens is renowned as a jewel of the Free State, a tourist-friendly destination where resident artists, interesting shops and fine restaurants will keep you well entertained and well fed.

And while in the area, be sure to visit the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, famous for its beautiful, towering sandstone cliffs.

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