The Strategic Research Unit

The Strategic Research Unit

The Strategic Research Unit (SRU) was established in 2002 to create the internal capability to inform data-driven decision making (thus moving away from anecdote).

The scope of the SRU is to develop market insight to inform the organisation's choice of where to invest its resources and to monitor and evaluate performance.

The key functions of the SRU are to

  • Collect, analyse and report on data for key markets (as determined by the Portfolio Review conducted every three years) and  targeted consumers
  • Set annual targets for each market in terms of the business objectives
  • Measure and track the performance against key metrics and key competitors
  • Measure and track the performance of the tourism industry and the organization against set targets
  • Monitor global trends in  travel and tourism
  •  Review South African Tourism's portfolio of markets every three years
  • Develop consumer insight in core markets of South African Tourism's portfolio.

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