Durban's Wave House Skatepark is the place for skateboarding, surfing, climbing and more. It's an action-packed mecca for the young and young at heart, a place where adventure, sports and entertainment combine, boasting a superb skateboarding store at which to stock up on equipment.

Did you know?

This 4 000m² skate park was designed by 10-time World Skateboarding Champion Tony Hawk.

The Wave House Skatepark in Durban is a mecca for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, a one-of-a-kind destination for those requiring action and plenty of it.

This skateboarding park is sure to satisfy avid skateboarders, but it's not only skaters who flock to its attractions – even those who cannot balance on a board will find much to keep them entertained here.

The premier skateboarding venue in Durban, Wave House Skatepark was designed with input from top South African skateboarder Andrew Morck and world skateboarding champion Tony Hawk, making it the first port of call for professionals and amateurs alike.

Skateboarding novices can start out on the beginners' street area while those with more experience will find plenty to keep them occupied at the biggest skateboarding park in Africa, including a ramp for the real show-offs. Also on site is The Core Store, arguably the best-stocked skateboarding retail store in the country.

Though skateboarding is the main attraction at Wave House Skatepark, as the name suggests there's plenty of water action to satisfy the non-skaters too.

Wave House Skatepark boasts the largest man-made stationary wave in the world. The D-Rex – a 10-foot left and right point break wave – is a fusion of surfing, snowboarding, skating and wakeboarding that makes for one challenging ride.

Wave House also boasts two FlowRiders for family fun and the Wave House Tube Ride – four exciting water slides perfect for children and less action-orientated adults.

Those looking to get high will be more than satisfied with Wave House's indoor climbing wall – at 22.5m it's one of the highest in the world – while the Wave House events arena showcases music from South Africa and beyond.

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