uShaka Sea World is the fifth largest aquarium in the world and home to a diverse selection of marine life, from the smallest sea horses to warm-blooded seals and playful dolphins. Once you've seen this Durban aquarium's fish, there's a theme park and shopping precinct right next door.

Did you know?

uShaka Sea World's tanks hold a combined 17 500 cubic metres of water.

One of the biggest aquariums in the world, uShaka Sea World not only has all the traditional elements of an aquarium – including a seal pool and penguin rookery – but it also boasts a number of interactive activities that will thrill marine enthusiasts and children looking to get a little closer to their favourite fish.

The Snorkel Lagoon, for example, allows visitors to swim amongst a huge variety of marine life (nothing too big or dangerous though) while the Touch Pool gives folk an opportunity to touch a starfish or feel the skin of a sea cucumber.

This Durban aquarium features both indoor and outdoor seawater exhibits, many of them specially themed. There's the Open Ocean, where fish such as tuna, dorado and various rays can be seen, while Reefs Predators focuses on shark species and the Turtle Lagoon features these graceful reptiles.

Don't miss out on the ever-so-cute penguins in their own special rookery and eye-level undersea habitat or the Eco House, where water and power-saving ideas are on display. Make a Penguin Promise before you leave!

Dangerous Creatures forms part of Sea World and houses a remarkable variety of snakes, amphibians and reptiles.

The Deep Zone is fascinating, collecting together as it does some of the weirdest and most spectacular animals of the dark depths – animals usually well hidden from human eyes below hundreds of metres of water.

The vivid and vibrant colours of the coral gardens, where the richest and most diverse ecosystem on Earth has been recreated, will enthral children.

And no visit to uShaka Sea World would be complete without a show at the 1 200-seater dolphin stadium, boasting water-level windows that provide views of the mammals both above and below the water.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

uShaka Marine World
Tel: +27 (0)31 328 8000

How to get here

uShaka Sea World is part of the uShaka Marine World complex on the beachfront, next to the harbour. It's on all major bus and taxi routes.

Best time to visit

uShaka Sea World is open from 9am to 6pm every day of the week throughout the year. It is also open after dark on Sundays.

Around the area

There's a theme park on site, featuring some groovy rides. uShaka Village Walk is a great place to shop and there's also uShaka Beach for those needing sand with their sun.

What will it cost

R139 for adults, R105 for senior citizens, and R105 for children.

Length of stay

A full day if you plan to visit all of uShaka Marine World, half a day just for the aquarium.

What to pack

A swimming costume, hat, sunscreen and towel if you plan to enjoy the rides at the uShaka Marine World theme park.

What to eat

uShaka Marine World has a variety of refreshment options available on-site, from sit-down restaurants to takeaway stalls.

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