Kimberley's ghost tours are renowned for the number and variety of their resident spirits. Many apparitions haunt some of the old mining town’s most historic houses and monuments, while on an Anglo-Boer battlefield just outside the town, a lonely phantom Scottish piper plays on moonlit nights.

Did you know?

Kimberley has more ghosts than anywhere else in South Africa.

A Kimberley ghost tour begins at the Honoured Dead Memorial, designed by Sir Herbert Baker for the 27 British soldiers killed during the Siege of Kimberley between 1899 and 1900 during the Anglo-Boer War. Sip a welcoming glass of sherry to soothe your nerves, and then off you go.

Kimberley has 158 haunted houses and buildings with well over 200 still to be verified by paranormal experts, but you'll visit ones known to have resident ghosts.

In the historic Africana library, the restless spirit of the first librarian roams. He drank arsenic after he was found doctoring the accounts. Many visitors have seen books inexplicably crashing to the floor, and heard teacups tinkling at 4pm.

At Rudd House, a lady in white appears on the balcony; the former sick room is haunted by Percy Rudd the first owner; and the servants’ quarters have at least six ghosts in the courtyard.

On a Kimberley ghost tour you’ll also visit the beautiful old Kimberley Club, where a ghostly waiter serves in the dining room, an elderly man walks the upstairs passage, and a woman in period dress stands on the staircase.

In the old De Beers boardroom, an unknown ghost drifts by as lights swing mysteriously, and a ghost dog emits an ethereal howl on the porch. On occasion, balls of fire have dropped from the porch ceiling.

At the William McGregor Museum, once a nunnery, a phantom nun wanders, while at the Terry Hall of Militia, a baby’s wail can be heard as the lid of a tin trunk mysteriously opens and closes.

And if you visit the Magersfontein Anglo-Boer battlefield on a moonlit night you may well hear a phantom Scottish piper and see the flickering ghostly lanterns of the stretcher-bearers – over 50% of visitors claim they have.


Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Kimberley Ghost Tours
Cell: +27 (0)83 732 3189

How to get here

Kimberley is in the Northern Cape, 472km south of Johannesburg on the N12. There is an airport, with daily flights to and from Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Best time to visit

Any time, but Kimberley summers can be fiercely hot and winters bitterly cold, so dress appropriately.

Tours to do

The Big Hole Ghost Walk, the Magersfontein Experience, the Diamond Trail and the Historic Kimberley Pub Tour are just some of the many city tours offered by Kimberley Tourism.

What will it cost

The price is around R150 per person (but this is subject to change).

Length of stay

Between four to five hours for the entire tour.

What to pack

Comfortable walking shoes, appropriate clothing for the season, and a steady nerve.

Where to stay

Kimberley has all kinds of accommodation from cosy B&Bs to luxury resorts. A fascinating option would be to stay in one of the city's many historic buildings, such as the Kimberley Club.

Best buys

You're in diamond country, so...

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