South Africa’s shopping centres provide world-class shopping, plenty of entertainment, the latest movies and delicious food in conveniently situated and safe surroundings. Whether you are looking for something specific, have time on your hands to browse around or just love to shop, the boutiques, chain stores and specialist shops in the country’s malls have it all.

Did you know?

A growing number of large shopping centres are opening in Soweto. The latest, most impressive one is called Maponya Mall.

The quality, cost and variety of goods on offer along with the safe, sophisticated environment provided by South Africa’s shopping centres should not take visiting international holidaymakers and business people by surprise. South Africa's malls are famous for their excellent shopping and entertainment facilities. When you leave the country after your holiday or business trip, you will lament the baggage restrictions of the international airlines and wish that you could take more of South Africa home with you!

Thanks to a very favourable exchange rate, Euros or US Dollars go a very long way in South African shopping centres, and make even the more exclusive purchases very affordable. And there is so much to see and buy!

Along with general retail stores, like Woolworths (similar to Marks & Spencer in the United Kingdom), Truworths, Edgars, Pick 'n Pay and Checkers, which will provide you with clothes, groceries and homeware, you will discover that malls and shopping centres in South Africa each have their own character, created by the dozens of boutiques, specialty stores and restaurants that they host. Many of the centres are also located in beautifully designed buildings, showing off state of the art architecture and ensuring that your shopping experience is a pleasant one.

Whether you find yourself in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth or the safari hub of Nelspruit, there is always an excellent shopping centre around the corner to fulfill your every retail need. Most centres are also home to cinemas, restaurants and entertainment facilities too. All of the malls are located conveniently close to major highways and boast ample parking space. All major South African shopping centres have facilities for disabled shoppers, as well as good security to give you peace of mind while you shop.

So when you visit this beautiful country, remember that along with its landscapes, wildlife, beaches and friendly people, South Africa is also a great shopping destination. Come and find out how well-stocked, affordable and customer-friendly the country’s malls are – but be smart and leave some room in your suitcase – because just around the corner, there is always something more.

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