South African wine and winelands are for wine-fundis, right? Wrong, they are for lovers of people, history, culture, fine food, adventure, natural beauty, nature, sport, music and more. Affordable, authentic, scenic and diverse, with an endless combination of attractions and activities, our winelands, like our wines, will keep you enthralled.

Did you know?

The pinotage grape, a cross between a pinot noir and cinsaut (also known as hermitage), is uniquely South African.

Since 1994, South Africa has steadily been welcomed back onto the world stage as a major New World wine producer.

Our wines, through their history, heritage and world-beating quality, have so impressed and intrigued international wine buffs, chefs, merchants and regular wine-drinking folk, that eventually it simply wasn’t enough for them to trot down to the bottle store and buy another case.

Do South African wines really make travellers up sticks and trek to the far southern tip of the African continent? You bet they do! So does our sunshine, our scenery, our warm-hearted people, our fantastic outdoors lifestyle that revolves around family, friends, good food, good wines too (of course), sport and having fun outdoors at any given opportunity.

You’ll find some of the fantastic attractions and activities to try when you visit our winelands. Among the world’s wine capitals, our winelands are a gastronomic destination of note.

Visit our best winelands cheese venues, try some unusual food and wine pairings, and take your winelands trip to the next level with harvest festivals, a Pinotage wine bath, and all kinds of adventure sports.

Across the Western Cape, there are 14 wine routes to explore. Tour the world’s first brandy routes in the Boland and the Klein Karoo; in Elgin, the Green Mountain Eco Route is the world’s first biodiversity wine route; and Route 62 Wine Route, the world’s longest wine route, has around 70 wine stops for you to explore.

Travel tips & Planning info

Best time to visit

South Africa's winelands are a year-round attraction.

Tours to do

All of South Africa's wine routes can be independently visited, at your own pace. Alternately, there are numerous tour operators.

Where to stay

Choose from thrifty backpacker’s lodges to lavish five-star establishments that rank among the best in the world.

What to eat

Eat local. From traditional Cape and Cape Malay cuisine to home-grown, home-made cheeses, fresh and dried fruit, olives, breads, hand-crafted chocolates, charcuterie, and more.

What's happening

Events take place throughout the winelands, all year round.

Best buys

South African wine compares with the best in the world, for price and innovation. The country is a world leader in wine biodiversity and sustainability, and our wines frequently wine international competitions.

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