A few hours spent browsing through the pan-African offerings of the Rosebank African Craft Market will reward you with a wide range of authentic African arts and crafts. You'll find artefacts, crafts, art and sculpture here from all over Africa, including authentic African masks, ritual objects, carvings and intricate beadwork.

Did you know?

Rosebank African Craft Market has been voted Johannesburg’s favourite market for over 10 years

Rosebank African Craft Market has been voted Johannesburg's premier market for 10 years in a row. Local and international visitors flock to this Johannesburg African Craft Market, attracted by its reputation as a truly pan-African shopping destination. They walk away with a range of high quality arts, crafts and antiques from all over the continent, after a pleasant day of bargaining with the friendly stall-owners.

Shopping at the market will also give you an insight into the various cultures of Africa, with many of the beautifully crafted objects on offer having cultural significance.

Rosebank African Craft Market in Johannesburg celebrates the spirit of African entrepreneurship and sustains at least 70 skilled African artisans. Some of the countries represented at the market include Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Senegal and Togo. You can buy African masks, clothing, carvings, ceramics, beadwork and jewellery. You can also pick up a lot of ‘recycled’ art objects, which are fascinating studies in how recycling materials can magically transform ‘rubbish’ into something unique and magical − responsible shopping at its best.

While you can pick up many great souvenirs for the cost of a few rand, the market is also known for its range of African antiques, many of which are highly collectable.

The Rosebank Mall, located adjacent to the African Craft Market, is at present undergoing heavy reconstruction and refurbishment, due for completion in September 2014.

But don't let the dust and din put you off discovering the vibrant craft market next door.

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