South Africa is famous for its fynbos, and the Garden Route offers fynbos in spades. In Mossel Bay you can touch, feel and smell the Cape Floral Kingdom. For the visually impaired, a special Braille Trail in this coastal town offers access to this natural marvel.

Did you know?

'Fynbos' is an Afrikaans word which means 'fine bush.'

Visually impaired people can appreciate the fynbos of Mossel Bay by visiting the Braille Trail at the Dias Museum Complex. It’s incorporated as part of the ethno-botanic garden so that the visually impaired can read about, feel and smell the plants in the collection.

The Braille Trail and field garden provide a tactile and visual experience of the unique fynbos vegetation of Mossel Bay. A live specimen display inside the Granary (a faithful replica of the building that was originally erected here in the mid-1700s) is constantly stocked with examples of the indigenous plants that grow in the area.

Fynbos is particularly well represented in the Mossel Bay area. You’ll find common species like the Cape reeds (also called the restios), as well as rarities like the Mossel Bay pincushion that flowers from April to September, and the Albertinia pincushion that flowers from July to October.

For guided tours of the fynbos, Mossel Bay boasts a number of resident tour operators and freelance tour guides – and the Oyster Bay Reserve (a community project adjacent to the Pinnacle Point Beach and Golf Resort) is open to visitors by appointment. It’s been beautifully rehabilitated, and if you’re short of time, a guided walk through its 300ha is an excellent idea – especially since it’s also close to the Pinnacle Point Caves, where some of the earliest evidence of modern human behaviour has recently begun to reveal itself.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Dias Museum Complex
Tel: +27 (0)44 691 1067

Best time to visit

Winter and spring – June to September – are often the best times since that’s when the greatest number of species show off their colours.

What will it cost

Entry to the Dias Museum Complex is R20 for adults.

Length of stay

A tour of the garden takes about one hour.

Where to stay

Mossel Bay and the surrounding areas have many great accommodation options, including ones with sea views.

What's happening

The Dias Museum Complex hosts educational programmes throughout the year.