Named after the three distant ridges of the Amathole range of mountains that resemble the back-outlines of running wild pigs, the little town of Hogsback has become an arts and crafts colony, a photographer’s preferred location, a nature lover’s haunt and a honeymoon couple’s top choice of romantic hideaway in the Eastern Cape.

Did you know?

Most of the older Hogsback gardens are inspired by the gardens of England.

Driving up into the dreamy winter mists of the Amathole Mountains from Alice towards the Eastern Cape village of Hogsback, you find yourself in another realm.

There are numerous theories as to why many people seem to connect South Africa-born author JRR Tolkien's fantasy world, Middle-earth (the setting of The Lord of the Rings and other works), with this little village deep in the Eastern Cape forests.

Some say his son was a British air force officer in these parts, and that he sketched scenes from Hogsback and sent them home to his father.

It doesn't really matter. Within an hour of arriving up here, you just know there have to be fairies, trolls, elves and wizards lurking about in these woods.

And when you go looking for lodgings, you come across charmingly named places called Arminel, Away with the Fairies, the Eco-Shrine, Camelot, Lothlorien, King's Lodge and Nutwoods.

Like any enchanted forest, the walks are legendary. They vary from easy strolls to longer, more challenging adventures – all usefully graded.

It's the custom to buy a walking stick – a traveller's memento – from one of the crafters in the village.

When you visit the Eco-Shrine, greet the angels at the gate, walk the Labyrinth and the 400m garden meander called the Fairy Realm, look out for the rare Cape parrot, and feel the magic.

Hogsback was named, it is said, for the three ridges on the Amathole Mountains that resemble the outlines of a hog's back. These mountains are the spiritual domain of the Xhosa people, who call this area Qabimbola (after the red clay from the area they adorn their faces with).

And when the mountain mists clear, you're left with an astounding view of waterfalls, valleys and one of South Africa's most prized forest strongholds.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Hogsback Information Centre
Tel: +27 (0)45 962 1245

Tel: +27 (0)45 962 1136

How to get here

Head for the Amathole Mountains, approx. 30km north of Alice on the R345. Hogsback is approx. 180km west of East London.

Best time to visit

In its forest setting, Hogsback is good throughout the year. Each season has its own features.

Tours to do

Hogsback garden tours are a great feature of the village. The Hogsback Arts and Crafts Trail will also keep you busy for a couple of days.

Get around

It's best to drive yourself to Hogsback. Once you're in the village, most of the attractions are within walking distance of your accommodation.

What will it cost

Accommodation will cost you anything from about R400 pp (self-catering) to R800 pp for bed and breakfast, though rates vary seasonally.

Length of stay

If you're a casual hiker, it's a two-day destination. If you're serious about walking in the woods, go for four days or more.

What to pack

Your most comfortable walking gear.

Where to stay

Backpackers: Away with the Fairies; leisure travellers: a wide selection of self-catering establishments, B&Bs and a few country hotels.

What to eat

You will find good pub grub at Happy Hogs (very popular with the locals), the Arminel and Hogsback Inn, and fine dining at Nutwoods and the Lighthouse Ranch.

What's happening

Hogsback stages a Christmas in July festival in late July, and a spring festival in the first week of October.

Best buys

The craft displays and shops in Hogsback are legendary. Buy your walking stick locally.

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