@Seoul Korean Restaurant is one of just a handful of traditional Korean restaurants in Cape Town. Here you can enjoy an enticingly authentic Korean menu and even cook some of your food for yourself on a hot griddle at your table.

Did you know?

Every Korean meal is accompanied with a side dish of pickled, fermented vegetables known as kimchi, which is a bit of an acquired taste for the Western palate.

The @Seoul Korean Restaurant is located in Cape Town’s busy Sea Point area where it adds another dimension to the multicultural mix on offer in the suburb.

Its drawcard is that diners can participate in cooking their own meal, either the Korean barbecue way on a hot griddle, or as a shabu shabu dish, where paper-thin slices of meat, noodles and vegetables are dipped into a bowl of broth, much like a fondue.

The small restaurant with its plastic tables and unfussy décor is as unpretentious as they come, but the delicious array of dishes (using soy, ginger and peanut oil liberally) are a feast for those who love a bit of variety when dining out.

Korean food is meant to be shared. Diners should select a range of dishes (chicken, beef, seafood and vegetarian) which get spooned up from a central dish and eaten with individual bowls of rice.

Soups and noodles also feature strongly on the menu. Spices used in the preparation of Korean food include red chillies, ginger, garlic, doenjang (fermented soy paste), soy sauce and gochujang (red chilli paste).

Korean food is generally cooked in sesame oil, but @Seoul Korean Restaurant is not averse to a dash of peanut oil, a hint of delicious chili and condiments to make your heart sing.

Specialities include stir-fries, marinated beef served with glass noodles; chicken in spicy chilli paste and pancakes and prawns. The portions are well-sized, and the dumplings, and seafood pancakes are fragrant and delicious.

The spicy tofu soup is a good choice for vegetarians and the spicy BBQ chicken and Korean sweet-and-sour chicken are other popular dishes on the menu. There are also a number of pork dishes, including the spicy potato soup with pork that serves two people.

Dessert is not a major event here, but you could sample the Korean fruit punch and vanilla ice-cream. However, the more authentic way to end the meal would be with a cup of green tea.

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