Predator World in the Pilanesberg offers an opportunity to see many of Africa's predatory species at close quarters. Qualified, knowledgeable guides share interesting information on each animal, while child-friendly tours include treasure hunts, refreshments and fun activities.

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The zoo-by-night tour is a great way of seeing predators in their active, nocturnal state. It starts at dusk and meanders through the zoo under cover of darkness.

Predator World, a zoo focusing almost exclusively on predatory animals that are often elusive in the wild, is ideally suited to families.

Introducing children to predators comes courtesy of a variety of tours such as 'The Lion’s Whiskers' and 'Scratchy Meerkat', which hint at the species likely to be encountered. Kiddies' tours take one to two hours and include treasure hunts and refreshments.

With the ability to reach speeds of more than 100km/h in three seconds, the cheetah is the fastest land animal. At Predator World you will be able to see adult cheetahs in their enclosure.

Also at Predator World is the lion, Africa’s iconic wild animal and one of the Big Five. View these social felines in their prides – look out for maned males, females and cubs.

Visitors will also be able to see leopards and servals. Known for their opportunistic hunting style, leopards are immensely strong cats that have the ability to climb high into a tree, dragging their heavy prey with them, while the African serval, with a comical appearance due to its long legs and large ears, is a smaller predatory cat equipped with acute hearing.

Another familiar bushveld inhabitant found at Predator World is the spotted hyena, scavenger of the bush and thief of many a hard-won prize. Its cousin, the brown hyena, is equipped with powerful jaws designed to crunch through the leg bones of mammals.

Visitors will also be able to see meerkats, the most endearing of bushveld animals. They live in underground tunnel networks and have a strict social structure to ensure their survival in the open grasslands, where they can be found catching the early morning sun on their fur.

One of the more unusual attractions at Predator World is the Bengal tiger, which is not of African descent, but an impressive predator nevertheless.

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