Little Gujarat restaurant in Durban is one of the city’s best-kept secrets when it comes to traditional Indian food, prepared the Durban way. A popular, unpretentious local lunchtime spot, it caters for vegetarians, vegans and Jain vegetarians, who are spoilt for choice with the array of authentic dishes on offer.

Did you know?

A young lawyer from India named Mahatma Gandhi arrived in Durban in 1893 and spent about 20 years in South Africa.

Little Gujarat restaurant in Durban is set in the hub of the city’s bustling downtown Indian district and offers tasty Indian vegetarian food costing not much more than the change in your pocket.

With a large Indian community living in this vibrant coastal city, vegetarian restaurants are popular and easily accessible. Little Gujarat vegetarian restaurant is a real gem: it's a simple set-up that serves lunch and early dinner, and is a favourite with locals and visitors alike.

During the day the restaurant pulses with diners from all walks of life, popping in for a meal or quick snack. The food is fresh and flavourful, with options for vegans and Jain vegetarians.

Diners trek to Little Gujarat for three signature dishes: puri patta (fried roti – a type of thin, flat Indian bread – served with curry sauce); masala dosa (crisp Indian pancake stuffed with potato, fried onions and spices); and freshly made sojee (sweet, creamy dessert).

Other popular choices include samoosas (a fried triangular savoury pastry usually containing potato or spicey fried vegetables), vegetable curries, rotis, bunny chows (a Durban specialty comprising a hollowed-out half loaf of bread with a stuffing), pakoras (fried vegetable fritters) and pickles, which can be washed down with sweet, milky chai tea. Prices are so low that you'll often do a double-take. You can also order your favourite dishes as take-outs if you're on the move.

While South Africa is known as a meat-eating nation, vegetarian restaurants are becoming more popular with many South Africans opting for a healthy change through a vegetarian or vegan diet.

With dining options like Little Gujarat, there is no shortage of delicious, filling and affordable food for vegetarians. It's no wonder patrons come back time and time again.

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Who to contact

Little Gujarat
Tel: +27 (0)31 305 3148

How to get here

Little Gujarat is located at 43 Prince Edward Street. From the N2 highway, take the Durban Central exit and follow this road into the Durban city centre. Turn left into Dr Yusuf Dadoo Street and then right into Dr Goonam Street. Prince Edward Street is just off here.

Best time to visit

The restaurant is open from 08h30 to 16h00, Monday to Friday, and from 08h30 to 13h30 on Saturdays.

Around the area

In Durban itself, enjoy a wander around uShaka Marine World which includes the excellent Sea World aquarium and a fun water park; look for bargains at the Indian Victoria Street Market; stroll through the Durban Botanical Gardens in Berea or down the city’s famous Golden Mile; or just go for a walk on any of the nearby beaches.

Get around

Organise a taxi or transfer from your hotel to the restaurant.

What will it cost

Next to nothing! Snacks start at just a few rands and even more substantial dishes will cost little more than small change.

Where to stay

Try some of the accommodation options along the Durban beachfront. These include the Garden Court Marine Parade and South Beach hotels; the Southern Sun North Beach Hotel; and the Southern Sun Elangeni.

Best buys

Puri patta (fried roti – a type of thin, flat Indian bread – served with curry sauce); masala dosa (crisp Indian pancake stuffed with potato, fried onions and spices); and freshly made sojee (sweet, creamy dessert). But there are lots of other good dishes, too – try whatever takes your fancy, or ask at the restaurant for a recommendation.