Mpumalanga incentives

The Sabie Waterfalls Route is one of South Africa’s best kept secrets. There are more waterfalls in Mpumalanga than anywhere else in South Africa.

Mpumalanga incentive highlights

Here the roar of a lion and the laugh of a hyena as you sit around the campfire on an overnight bush safari in Mpumalanga.


Top 10

Wildlife wonders in Mpumalanga

1The lions of central Kruger National Park

Your best chances of seeing a lion in Kruger are around the Satara Rest Camp. That's because there is plenty of lion prey, mainly antelope, in these nutritious grasslands. The more open areas allow for easier viewing too.

2Flamingoes of Lake Chrissie, Chrissiesmeer

Lake Chrissie is the largest natural freshwater lake in South Africa and is famous for its variety of aquatic birds, particularly flamingos.

3White Lion Project, Timbavati

The white lions are part of Timbavati’s myth and legend, endemic to the area. View these majestic cats in a controlled environment.

4Birding in Wakkerstroom

One of the most popular birding spots in Mpumalanga’s wetlands region, the reserve is on the outskirts of a small town near the Kwazulu-Natal border.

5Crane Breeding Project, Verlorenvlei

In Dullstroom, you'll find an unusual breeding programme for our national bird. The chicks are raised by a human crane mother dressed in a crane outfit!

6Blue Swallows of Kaapsche Hoop

The endangered blue swallow is still flourishing in the misty cliffs of Kaapsche Hoop, nesting in old mine shaft and caves.

7Chimpanzee Eden

Located near Nelspruit, Chimpanzee Eden, a tranquil sanctuary set on a nature reserve, is home to chimps seeking refuge and is sponsored by the Jane Goodall Institute

8Perry’s Bridge Reptile Park

You'll find Perry's Bridge Reptile Park in scenic Hazyview. Here, you can get up close and personal with venomous snakes, leguaans, crocodiles and other reptiles.

9Rhino Walking safari

Walk on foot with armed guides through the Kruger Park’s bush and have a good chance of spotting these ancient beasts

10The Elephant Sanctuary

This sanctuary in Hazyview offers you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to walk and talk with African elephants. Try their Trunk-In-Hand programme.