Limpopo incentive highlights

For the ultimate safari experience, enjoy a luxurious breakaway at one of Limpopo’s many exclusive private game reserves.

Limpopo Incentives

Mapungubwe, South Africa’s first kingdom, was a highly complex society that rose between 1050 AD and 1270 AD. Its great to explore on an incentive tour to South Africa.


Top 10

Adventures in the Northern Cape

1Fly-fishing near Kimberley

Some of the finest fly-fishing waters in South Africa are in the lower Vaal and Riet rivers near Kimberley. Largemouth and smallmouth yellowfish populations abound in these rivers.

2Orange River adventure

Ride the Orange River and its rapids and experience mind-bending landscapes in the Orange River Gorge and the Richtersveld National Park with experienced guides.

3Kalahari Meerkat Project

The Kalahari Meerkat Project is in the heart of the Kalahari, 17km from the Botswana border. Experience meerkats up close in their remote, wild environment.

4Goegap Nature Reserve

From August to October the 7000-hectare Goegap Nature Reserve, with its 600 plant species, transforms into a dazzling wild flower, hiking, mountain biking and 4x4 adventure that attracts visitors from ever corner of the globe.

5Galeshewe township, Kimberley

On the outskirts of Kimberley is Galeshewe township, also known as the ‘diamond rush township’. Explore this vibrant melting pot of South African culture dating back to 1871.

6Sutherland night sky

Stargazing is on the 'must do' list for anyone coming to South Africa. Head for Sutherland, renowned for its sparkling night skies and home to SALT (Southern African Large Telescope), the largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere.

7Augrabies Falls National Park

Hike, canoe, 4x4 and experience the prolific birding and wildlife in the Augrabies Falls National Park with its awe-inspiring scenery and its 56m waterfall plunging into the Orange River.

8Namaqualand's desert flowers

Namaqualand's desert flowers are one of the most dramatic natural spectacles in the world. Explore this vast, arid area bursts into a spectacular ocean of 4000 species flowers between August and October most years.

9The Richtersveld halfmens

Seek and ye shall find the enigmatic ‘halfmens’ tree ('half-person' tree) in the mirage-like landscape of the Richtersveld National Park, South Africa’s only mountainous desert.


The Riemvasmaak people are desert herders who welcome you to their 75 000-hectare desert wilderness in the far north of South Africa. Experience their hot springs, hiking and 4x4 trails and traditional cuisine.