KwaZulu-Natal incentives

KwaZulu-Natal province is an incentive planner's paradise with magnificent scenic beauty and natural attractions offering a myriad of adventure opportunities.


Top 10

Activities in South Africa

1Game viewing and safari

Safari in South Africa is up-close and as wild as it gets. Go on a game drive, a bush walk, or even a horse-ride or veterinary safari, for an authentic, even life-changing wildlife adventure.


From a night of fine dining to raucous all-night jol (party) in a township shebeen (tavern) South African’s love to have a good time. Let your hair down and live it up in our clubs, pubs, late-nite chill bars, theatres and live music venues. You won’t just find the best wildlife in our game parks…come on, the party’s starting!


From off-the-beaten-track curio markets filled with collectable handicrafts to bargain-stuffed flea markets, and glitzy malls in our big cities with the latest must-have name brands, shop-a-holics are spoiled for choice in South Africa; more so because our favourable exchange rate makes your retail therapy last longer too.


We’ve thousands of miles of glorious coastline, with Blue Flag beach gems dotted along its length. Whether you’re a trendy sun-worshipper, a water sports fanatic, a beach comber or a family seeking sea and fun – South Africa’s got a beach that’s perfect for you

5Township Tours

Visit for the struggle history and stay for the vibe. Go beyond the history and the icons to the warm, welcoming heart of our townships and their residents where determination, innovation and cutting-edge style will surprise, inspire and touch you in ways you never dreamt possible


However you define adventure it’s possible in South Africa. We can conjure up your wildest expectation and more: seeing the Big 5, diving with Great White Sharks, death defying adventure sports or discovering the humanity and generosity of other cultures. Name your adventure – we’ll make it happen.

7Theme Parks

Let the good times roll! Get a gold-rush at Gold Reef City, play like the Little Mermaid (or Captain Hook!) at uShaka Marine World and test your water prowess at the Valley of the Waves. Our countrywide fun-packed theme parks will keep the smile on your face for days.


Bet on having a good time around South Africa. From slick city gaming spots for high-rollers to family seaside entertainment venues, and our most famous casino Sun City, in the crater of an ancient volcano – we’ve a myriad casino’s where you can take chance on lady luck.

9Ostrich Farms

Ride them, feed them, learn all about them – who knew that, that big bird in the little Karoo could be so much fun! We don’t think you’ll get your new long-necked friend through customs, though – so opt for an egg shell, leather goods or some bright feathers as a memento of your Oudsthoorn ostrich adventure.

10Be a sport

Where better to get sporty? We’ve got fabulous weather almost all year round, historic playing fields and state-of-the–art new stadiums on the way for 2010. We’re pro’s at BIG sporting events (we’ve won plenty of them too!). The crowds are passionate and the atmosphere’s electric. Whether you’re spectating or playing sport in South Africa you’ll have a ball.