Free State

Free State incentives

Many Free State hiking trails feature San Bushman rock art and historic battlefield sites. There is plenty of free roaming game to see on your journey and you can stay overnight in rustic farmhouses, huts, chalets and even a cave.

Free State incentive highlights

Its wide open spaces and big skies makes the Free State a great outdoor adventure destination. A visit to the Basotho Cultural Village is an unforgettable experience.


Top 10

Historical sites in the Northern Cape

1Kimberley Mine Museum

The Kimberley Mine Museum captures the heady old diamond boom days of Rhodes, Barnato and the hordes of 'kopje wallopers' - prospectors and diggers - who descended on the area in the late 1800s. It's an interesting historical theme park and a living museum all rolled into 1 great experience.

2Port Nolloth Museum

Wander around the Port Nolloth Museum and you'll get lost in a world of flotsam and jetsam from the many shipwrecks along this rough coastline. The artifacts tell of how the locals lived a century ago and how they transported the inland copper to ships waiting in the little bay.

3Desert Patrol Statue, Upington

The noble camel was once the mode of travel through the Kalahari desert of the Northern Cape - where today you see 4X4s. The Cape Mounted Police chased the bad guys - and sometime the good guys - on their camels, and stayed out on patrol for weeks on end.


The living oasis of Pella, about 30km west of Pofadder in the Northern Cape, is very proud of its cathedral. It was built more than 150 years ago by clerics who had nothing but the pages of an old encyclopaedia - and their faith - to guide their building efforts.

5Karoo Highlands Tombstone Route

On this trip, which starts in the little town of Williston in the Karoo, you will learn about the efforts of Willem de Waal, tombstone carver extraordinaire. Your guide will also show you the legendary old corbelled houses along the way, and you might meet some hardy local farmers.

6Richmond Horse Museum

Welcome to horse country - Richmond, Northern Cape. This tough part of the Karoo breeds champion horses. To find out more, visit the Richmond Horse Museum where the local customs are on display. It is one of few museums in the world dedicated to horses.

7Windpump Museum, Loeriesfontein

You see them everywhere you go in the Karoo: the ever-faithful windpump. But the real 'windpump experience' is to be had in the town of Loeriesfontein north of Nieuwoudtville, where they stand in a not-so-silent crowd at the local museum. Photograph them at dawn for an unforgettable South African memory.

8Ancient footprints, Fraserburg

These are the footprints you have to see! Made more than 251-million years ago by a pre-dinosaur called Bradysaurus, they stand captured in stone on a farm near the Northern Cape town of Fraserburg. And while you're there, look out for where the ancient prawn emerged from the mud.

9Battle of Magersfontein

Magersfontein outside Kimberley is one of the world's most chilling battlefield sites. The Magersfontein Battlefield Museum offers an audio-visual presentation of the encounter between Boer and Briton in the South African War. Many descendants of the soldiers who perished here visit Magersfontein annually - and pay respects to the fallen.

10The Eye of Kuruman

The Eye of Kuruman is a natural spring that gave rise 1st to a mission station founded by Robert Moffat in 1824, and later to a town. What makes it remarkable is that this pure water rises to the surface in the arid Kalahari and that it has never dried up.