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Domestic Tourism Snapshot - Q4 2016

This report provides a snapshot of the performance of the domestic tourism. Due to a low travel incidence in this quarter, the results only reflect…


Welcome to South Africa – a safari from beginning to end

  • Blog March 01, 2017

In South Africa, everything is a safari!


Tourist arrival December 2016

This report analyses tourist arrivals to South Africa. As part of a national effort to improve the quality of tourism statistics in South Africa, tourist…


Art Legends of South Africa

  • Blog February 22, 2017 by Suzanne Rose

South African art has always taken on the distinct flavour of the country!


The Red Desert – Port Edward’s hidden secret

  • Blog February 15, 2017 by Damian Cupido

Transformation and unity, crucial for a sustainable tourism sector

  • Trade February 13, 2017

The drive to eradicate unemployment and inequality in all industries lies in our ability as South Africans, public and the private sector at large, to…