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Introducing “South Africa – a wow in every moment”

  • Blog November 03, 2016

As South African Tourism, we’d like you to say “hello” to South Africa and find your “wow in every moment”. Discover 24 hours of wow…


Unique Food and Wine Pairings

  • Blog October 26, 2016 by Suzanne Rose

Have a look below at some of the unique food and wine pairings available in Cape Town and surrounding areas.


SA Tourism Index Q2 2016

The Q2 2016 report is part of the new series of Quarterly Reports and is identified by its green tables on the front page. This…


Tourist arrival August 2016

This report analyses tourist arrivals to South Africa. As part of a national effort to improve the quality of tourism statistics in South Africa, tourist…


SA's tourism increasing in 2016

  • Trade October 24, 2016

International vs Domestic Travel International 5 million foreign tourist arrivals (15.4 % increase) R39.3 billion in total foreign direct spend (24.8% increase) 9.6 nights average…


Gear up and take a hike

  • Blog October 19, 2016 by Damian Cupido

Addo Elephant National Park

To get a clear understanding of how awesome this place is, one has to travel back to 1931. It was then that Addo was proclaimed…