8 May 2017

South African Tourism launches an innovative Digital Asset Library

Following a review of its growth strategy, aimed at steering the marketing efforts to achieve its overarching goal of attracting five million additional tourists within the next five years starting this year, South African Tourism has taken a major step to build a platform which will help stakeholders with marketing collateral which is critical to marketing the destination.

This platform, the SAT Digital Asset Library, will give access to real information that excites people about the country with some beautiful images, footage and marketing collateral made available to our partners in promoting South Africa as a must-visit destination.

“All the work that we do towards growing our industry is a collaborative effort. That is the only way that ensured amplified and inclusive growth. The SAT Digital Asset Library, is where all the assets pertaining to our brand will be housed in order to enable us to provide stakeholder engagement tools and collateral that can be used at various points in the traveller decision-making journey. It is an exciting development and definitely a step in the right direction”, says Sisa Ntshona

The digital asset library will add value to our stakeholders who include: Provincial Tourism Authorities, DIRCO and other governmental agencies, our trade partners, advertising agencies and contractors as the platform will allow them to download identified digital elements in high resolution without any costs attached.

We will constantly strive to find innovative ways to enhance and improve our assets in a manner that is engaging to all stakeholders and users. We foresee the assets going a long way in amplifying efforts to promote South Africa as a business and leisure destination within and beyond our borders.

This library is a simple, easy to use interface that allows anyone to search based on themes, keywords, locations or experiences. Simply type in a search phrase based on your needs and all related assets will be returned to you. Selecting the asset allows the user to view the relevant technical information including available formats, dimensions, resolution, file size, keywords, captions and metadata. Simply click the relevant download icon and you’re ready to get potential visitors excited to experience South Africa for themselves. You don’t need to create an account that needs to be logged in to you simply go to this link to get started: http://digitalassets.southafrica.net

The digital asset library also gives access to predesigned marketing collateral for partnership support by allowing co-branding options for our partners. This collateral is made available to easily insert partner logos on to existing informational and advertising collateral. These open files however will require the end user to have access to editing software in order to place their details. For any questions or technical support you can contact us at digitalassets@southafrica.net.