8 August 2011

New global marketing campaign set to entice tourists in their hundreds of thousands to South Africa

South African Tourism launches new marketing campaign

International tourists from Brazil Tourists from Brazil on safari

The new campaign strikes while the iron is hot, embedding South Africa’s status as the best place on earth to go on holiday
Roshene Singh, Chief Marketing Officer - South African Tourism.

SOUTH AFRICAN TOURISM has taken a new destination campaign to the global market that’s set to entice overseas tourists in their hundreds of thousands to South Africa in the next few years and to entrench South Africa’s status as the most exciting, welcoming, textured and accessible leisure holiday destination in the world.

The new campaign, an easy and natural extension of the first phase 20 Experiences in 10 Days campaign that ran last year, features prominently on South African Tourism’s homepage, www.southafrica.net. It is being flighted on BBC World and CNN International. It launches soon on National Geographic. When all these elements are in place, the larger campaign will reach more than a billion people a month.

The campaign features four new couples, one each from China, Germany, Angola and Brazil. The couples are typical South Africa tourists. They’re not actors and they’re not models. Their responses to the delights of South Africa are authentic, unabridged and captivating... giving audiences delightful insight into the impact that South Africa has on visitors and how the destination and its people reach out to delight, enthral and generate spontaneous amazement, joy and wonder.

“This campaign speaks to target consumers in their own languages... in Mandarin, Portuguese and German in the instance of this, the second phase, of the campaign. Strong online content creates talkability about South Africa,” says Roshene Singh, chief marketing officer at South African Tourism.

“Our ambition with the campaign is quite simple. We wanted to use ordinary people to show how accessible our destination is; to show how much they enjoy the experiences South Africa offers. In using regular members of the public, we successfully position South Africa as accessible to billions of travel consumers the world over. Nothing is scripted and nothing is acted. It’s all real, spontaneous and authentic. We’re very proud of this campaign, and we are satisfied that BBC World and CNN International will take our message to the widest, and most appropriate global audiences.”

South Africa’s status as an unrivalled and unparalleled global leisure destination has been gaining ground for longer than a decade already. However, last year’s FIFA World Cup finally brought the beauty, accessibility and delight home to billions of people all over the world and entrenched South Africa as the world’s foremost and most desirable holiday destination; not only for its unrivalled scenic and natural beauty and the warmth and friendliness of it speople; but also for its infrastructure, capability and sheer variety of tourism services and products.

Earlier this year TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards named Cape Town as the world’s most desirable holiday city; and a few weeks later The Telegraph’s readers named South Africa best holiday destination in the world. 

“These accolades delighted us. But they did not surprise us,” says Singh.  “We have always known that South Africa is the best place on earth to visit. This is the message we have been taking to audiences, and that we continue to take in this, the newest extension of our global marketing campaign.”

The campaign has also made its online and social media debut with an extension on South African Tourism’s homepage, www.southafrica.net and on the social media sites as Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube, too. The larger campaign willinclude special deals to visit South Africa that will be accessible from South African Tourism’s website and in partnership with the travel trade in each of South Africa’s key markets.

Singh: “Arrivals this year have been modest, especially in the context of the bumper year we had last year. However, our growth is in line with recovery in the global market and in April, overseas arrivals were up 9.7 percent on April last year. This new marketing campaign is engineered to maintain visibility and desirability of our destination, so that South Africa benefits richly when the lingering effects of the global financial crisis finally pass and the world starts travelling in earnest again.”

South Africans can see the new campaign on BBC World and CNN International on the DSTV news and public affairs bouquet. The campaign can also be seen on the South African Tourism homepage (www.southafrica.net).


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South African Tourism is the national tourism agency responsible for the marketing of South Africa as a preferred tourist destination. It is headed up by Chief Executive Officer, Ms Thandiwe January-McLean, Chief Operating Officer Mr Timothy Scholtz and Chief Marketing Officer, Ms Roshene Singh.