Legend has it that Pieter-Dirk Uys fell in love with Darling when he ended up there after getting lost on his way to McGregor. Seventeen years later, people take a trip to the town to catch a show at his theatre and soak up some good old-fashioned country living.

Did you know?

Evita se Perron used to be the Darling train station.

Every weekend the most famous white woman in South Africa, Evita Bezuidenhout, Uys’s famous alter ego, holds court. She puts on a satirical show and serves a traditional South African meal.

Over the years the audiences have come to realise that there are no holy cows when it comes to creating the material for these shows. Politicians from the entire political spectrum are held up to scrutiny by Bezuidenhout and the range of other alter egos Uys has created over the years.

Evita se Perron is a cluster of buildings which includes two theatres, a restaurant and a bar, the Elsie Balt Art Gallery, Museum/Nauseum, the Gravy Train Saloon, the Station Gallery, Boerassic Park, the community garden and the Darling Trust. Evita se Perron was fashioned from the derelict Darling train station, and over the years additions to the premises means that 90 people can be hosted in one sitting.

A lot of what Uys does is aimed at uplifting the Darling community. Proceeds of his South African cookbook go directly to the Darling Trust, for example.

Tannie Evita’s Pantry is open from Tuesday until Sunday from 10pm to 4pm for coffee, traditional food and light lunches.

A traditional South African dinner is served during the show. A year-long programme, detailing which show will be playing when, has been posted on www.evita.co.za.

Travel tips & Planning info

Who to contact

Evita se Perron
Old Darling Railway Station, Arcadia Street, Darling
Tel: +27 (0)22 4923930
Email: bookings@evita.co.za
Website: www.evita.co.za

What to pack

If you are planning on staying over, pack comfortable clothes.

Where to stay

There are a number of guest houses and B&Bs in Darling.