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Places of worship in South Africa span the world's major religions

With freedom of religion enshrined in our constitution, places of worship in South Africa span all the world's major religions, and some lesser ones too. Christianity is represented by most of the Western mainstream denominational families  -  Catholicism, Anglicanism and Protestantism, along with its affiliated groups  such as Methodists, Congregationalists,... Read more

South African safety precautions are a matter of common sense

Most parts of the South Africa can be safely visited by travellers, provided they take common sense safety precautions, much as recommended in most countries and big cities. Here is some good South African safety advice: Avoid deserted areas at night, stick to busy and well-lit streets. Don't wear flashy... Read more

Smoking in South African public areas is controlled by law

Over a decade ago the authorities introduced a series of health-related anti-smoking laws, and reinforced these in 2007 with an even tougher set of measures and penalties to close all loopholes. The legislation has had a noticeable effect on the smoking culture in South Africa.  The site of small groups... Read more

South African shopping leaves shoppers spoiled for choice

Shopping in South Africa can be exhausting - there are such attractive goods specific to our country, decisions can prove trying.  And, when compared with prices in hard currency countries, there are bargains galore. With gold and diamonds being among our most-famed resources, a highlight on the South African shopping... Read more

South African telecommunications are comprehensive & wide-ranging

The South African telecommunication infrastructure is much in tune with global development, and connections to countries beyond our borders are easy and efficient. Telkom, our sole landline operator for decades, is soon to be challenged by a second operator, Neotel, and it's believed the resultant competition will advance South African... Read more

TippingSouth African tipping information: suggestions on who to tip

Tipping is widely practiced in South Africa.  Here is some information on South African tipping. In restaurants and bars, 10% is the accepted tipping standard. Parking attendants and security guards are common in parking lots and at roadside bays.  They generally ask if they can watch your car while you... Read more

Temperate South African temperatures make a year-round destination

A subtropical location and a high interior plateau are responsible for South Africa's temperate conditions so appreciated by visitors. South African temperatures, which are measured in centigrade, average at high of 28°C and a low of 8°C.  Average annual rainfall is on the low side at under 500mm a year,... Read more

Women-friendly holidays in South Africa: all genders welcome

Women visiting South Africa with a group of female friends or on their own, will find South Africans just as welcoming as all tourists do.  All tourist facilities in South Africa are women-friendly, treating women no differently than they do men. Well, let's correct that - perhaps on occasion with... Read more

What to wear in South Africa - make it light and comfortable

What to wear in South Africa We're generally laid back in South Africa, so no need to haul out your best silks and diamonds when you head for our shores.  Here's some clothing advice when in South Africa: For the summers, bring clothes that are cool and comfortable, along with... Read more

South African weights & measurements are based on the metric system

The units of measurement used in South Africa are metric - road distances are measured in kilometres, petrol in litres and solid food in grams. Here's a quick reference for converting South African weights and measurements from the metric to the Imperial system, and vice versa: 1 inch - 2.54... Read more