Travel tips

Specific food requirements in South Africa can be catered for

If you are one of those travellers who have specific food requirements during your trip to South Africa read on: Certified halaal food products and restaurants are available, controlled by the South African National Halaal Authority.  Their website offers a directory of products and restaurants, of which there is a... Read more

Annual events add speice to gay & lesbian holidays in South Africa

South Africa is one of the few countries in the world to constitutionally prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and in 2006 legalised marriages of members of the same-sex.  In this accepting environment, the closet days of the homosexual community of South Africa are well in the past,... Read more

South African guides & interpreters: trained & registered experts

Knowledgeable South African guides and interpreters represent a vital link between tourists and their experience of South African tourist attractions, and can make a great difference in how visitors perceive the country. Because of this role, guides in South Africa are required to undergo a process of qualification and registration.... Read more

With good infrastructure, getting around South Africa is easy.

Travelling around South Africa is relatively easy by air, road and rail. Principal air routes are serviced by SAA and British Airways, operated by Comair. There are 3 low-cost carriers on main routes, namely, Mango and 1time.  South African Express and Airlink serve the smaller centres. Facilitating getting around... Read more

South African medical facilities are plentiful in urban areas

South African medical facilities are, in general, of a high standard, particularly in urban areas where large state-hospitals and private clinics are in good supply. State-run hospitals with their subsidised facilities, however, suffer the problems of overcrowding.  Private hospitals, which number in the region of 80 countrywide, mostly fall under... Read more

Doing laundry in South Africa is simple with a number of options

Doing laundry in South Africa comes with a few options. Most international hotels in South Africa offer same-day or day-after laundry, dry cleaning and pressing services. On odd occasions when laundry will be delayed, such as on public holidays, they generally do give guests advance warning. If you'd prefer to... Read more

'No children' facilities in South Africa are few and far between

In our child-friendly country, ‘no children' facilities in South Africa are no more common than in any other destination.  If the under-12s are excluded from any attraction or activity, it is usually on account of their safety. Some of our upmarket game lodges and boutique hotels do have ‘no under-12'... Read more

South African national treasures: a select few from a long list

South Africa is blessed with so many treasures, selecting a few is tough.  But no-one would deny that the following attractions are South African national treasures. National Parks and reserves, which number close to 600, and between them offer up a heady melange of scenery, flora and wildlife.  A tip:... Read more

Your budget when in South Africa will buy you more than you think

With the South African unit of currency, the rand, offering favourable rates of exchange against the world's hard currencies, your South African holiday budget, even if modest, will go surprisingly far.  You'll find your purchasing power on the up with your pounds, dollars and euros, and those items you think... Read more

Disabled facilities in South Africa increase with new awareness

Facilities for the disabled in South Africa are perhaps not as numerous as they should be, but the good news is that there is a groundswell of awareness regarding the ‘special needs' sector of the tourism market. One area where the country lacks the necessary amenities is in accommodation, but... Read more