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Eating out in Soweto
Newtown Cultural Precinct, Johannesburg
Zulu village life
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Rock art


  • Visit a sangoma

    Over 80% of the population of South Africa visits a sangoma more than 3 times a year. These mystical healers exert huge influence over the people of this country, but views of their sangoma rituals, trance states and ancestor worship are only afforded to a fortunate few. More
  • Eating out in Soweto

    There are a number of restaurants and eateries to choose from in Soweto, among them the famous Wandies Place in Dube and Sakhumzi’s in Vilakazi Street, along with all the other informal and formal eating houses that beg you to pull up a chair and share a meal with local residents. More
  • Newtown Cultural Precinct, Johannesburg

    The Newtown Cultural Precinct, in downtown Johannesburg, has a distinctly cosmopolitan vibe; and underlying its trendy coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries and clubs is the same avant-garde attitude that made it a hot-bed of protest theatre, music and poetry during the apartheid era. More
  • Zulu village life

    Each member of the family has a place within a traditional Zulu village setup in KwaZulu-Natal. Beehive-shaped huts are built around the cattle kraal, the family has its sacred spot for worship and ceremony, visitors are greeted by gatekeepers, girls assist their mothers and boys herd the livestock. More
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