Shark cage-diving
Hot-air ballooning
Dune boarding
Canopy tours
The Wild Coast, Eastern Cape
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  • Shark cage-diving

    Enter the domain of the great white shark from the safety of a shark cage and witness these uber-predators in their natural environment as they come over and check you out. While shark cage-diving is perfectly safe, it is not an activity for the shy or fainthearted! More
  • Hot-air ballooning

    Peaceful and serene, hot-air ballooning is a wonderful adventure. From the thrill of watching the balloon inflate, and the imperceptible lift-off, to the gentle descents with the pilot skimming the treetops one moment then sending you soaring heavenwards the next. And the sensational views are unforgettable! More
  • Dune boarding

    In South Africa, dune boarding is a fairly recent development, but it's caught on fast, because there's certainly no shortage of sand. South Africa boasts some of the world's highest beach dunes. And away from the beach, dune boarders have found a great alternative: old gold mine dumps. More
  • Surfing

    Surfing is an integral part of South African culture. From the colder Cape waters to the tropical warmth of the Indian Ocean, young and old mingle at popular surf spots from early morning until sundown with a single goal – to pick the best wave of the day and ride it all the way to the beach. More
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