Responsible Tourism

Fair Trade Tourism

Fair Trade Tourism was established in 2003 (originally as Fair Trade Tourism in South Africa) and the organisation has now certified dozens of responsible tourism destinations and activities. It guarantees that members pay good wages, recruit local staff, buy local goods, adhere to environmental stewardship principles, and generally operate on an ethical basis. more

Green Leaf Environmental Standard

The Green Leaf is the iconic symbol of the Wilderness Foundation, which initiated the Green Leaf Environmental Standard. The standard seeks to recognise environmental consciousness in the South African tourism industry. more

The Heritage Environmental Management Company

The Heritage Programme is recognised by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation as a leader in Africa in providing those in the service industry with a globally recognised, professional standard for rating their business's environmental and sustainability practices. more

Volunteer projects in South Africa

Volunteer projects in South Africa, be they wildlife- or community-based, enable participants to leave for their home countries with a heightened sense of achievement, self-awareness and understanding of the host country. Said one voluntourist: 'I now live in the present....' more

Boulders Beach penguins

The Boulders Beach penguins are about as famous as birds can be. They're also ever-more endangered. The birds, who draw crowds of visitors who can't resist their waddling ways, are under threat from loss of habitat, dwindling fish resources, and their human neighbours. more

Responsible Tourism in South Africa

South Africa is one of the foremost responsible tourism leaders in the world, with dozens of gorgeous destinations where communities are uplifted and the environment is protected. You’ll return home with a higher awareness of the interconnection between people and the earth. Plus memories of a really great time. more

Community tourism projects

Community tourism projects in South Africa are inspired by Nelson Mandela's legacy of moral fortitude and offer a way for the local and international traveller to acquire a little of his glow and change the southern tip of Africa for the better in some small or large way. more

Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Area

Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Area off the sleepy southern KwaZulu-Natal town of Umkomaas is one of the top dive sites in South Africa – in fact some say it’s among the world’s top 10. This is where ragged-tooth sharks congregate for months on end, along with dozens of other species. more

!Khwa ttu San culture and education centre

At !Khwa ttu modern man can learn much from the San people, who lived in harmony with nature and practised an ancient ubuntu. Be transported into the past on a moving journey that will leave you with a renewed appreciation of their legacy. more

SA's Hidden Treasures™

South Africa’s cultural and creative diversity is inspirational, but the breadth and variety of experiences on offer can be overwhelming too. So how does a new visitor to South Africa tap into the country’s creative soul and immerse themselves in real and authentic experiences? They look for Hidden Treasures™ … more