Culture & History

    The Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg
    Cape Point Lighthouse, Western Cape
    South Africa's Hidden Treasures™
    Kimberley, Northern Cape
    Visit a sangoma
    Maloti-Drakensberg Transfrontier Park
    Zulu village life
    The South African National Art Gallery, Cape Town

    Culture & History

    • The Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg

      The Apartheid Museum, close to downtown Johannesburg, focuses on the notorious system of racial discrimination that became synonymous with South Africa from 1948 (when the white-minority National Party was voted into power) until 1994, the year in which the country held its first fully democratic elections.

    • Cape Point Lighthouse, Western Cape

      Even though it has long since been decommissioned for being built in the wrong place, the old Cape Point lighthouse is an important icon of the Cape Peninsula, and captures the imaginations of visitors who ascend to this craggy spot and look down at the rocky coastline and the ocean. More
    • South Africa's Hidden Treasures™

      South Africa’s cultural and creative diversity is inspirational, but the breadth and variety of experiences on offer can be overwhelming too. So how does a new visitor to South Africa tap into the country’s creative soul and immerse themselves in real and authentic experiences? They look for Hidden Treasures™ … More
    • Kimberley, Northern Cape

      Kimberley, thanks to the fevered diamond rush of the 1870s, has a glittering past and present. Take a guided tour of a once-operational diamond mine, which descends a staggering 840m below the earth. For those who prefer being above ground, visit the city's glittering choice of jewellery stores. More
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