07 March 2011 by Denise Slabbert

Zebu Health Spa

You’ll find Zebu Health Spa located on the Zebula Golf Estate in Bela-Bela (Limpopo Province). The place is touted as ‘the only 5-star golfing estate in South Africa’, but for those who don’t care much about golf - the spa is the main attraction for miles. Here, you’ll find a number of African-inspired therapies including the lavender and rooibos body wrap (great for detoxification); the Kwassa Beat - a massage designed to relieve stress or the Itonga Amasatchi massage using Orange Wood Massage Sticks to help with lymph drainage and to encourage the feel-good factor. There’s also the African Goddess facial which is said to be anti-ageing and destressing at the same time.There are a number of spa packages on offer including the Africa’s Touch Full-Day Spa and the Goddess Half-Day Spa…just what the doctor ordered. Golf, who said anything about golf…?

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