30 December 2010 by Kate Turkington

Yummy mummies and the 4X4s

I don’t know what the situation is in your country, but in South Africa it seems that the majority of the big flashy 4x4s are driven by the yummy mummies.

Because we have a very poor public transport system, it means that kids, especially the ones from better-off families, have to picked up and taken to school - usually by their mothers.

It’s become a status symbol to collect your little or big darling in a gas-guzzling or malodorous diesel-engined macho vehicle from the school grounds. The yummy mummies then sit high above their inferiors in their small cars and file their nails, chat incessantly on their cell phones, or listen to cheesy music which blares out of the rolled-down windows.

When Junior finally arrives, the engine is gunned, and narrowly missing other vehicles, the yummy mummies accelerate off into the distance. Vroom, vroom.

I bet they’ve never been over a rough road or gone into low gear in their cosseted lives.

But enough of that…if you are a genuine 4x4 driver and love adventure, check our website www.southafrica.net for some real offroad driving. We have all sorts of great trails and routes for you.

Meanwhile, watch out for that dame going offroad in the school parking lot…

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