04 March 2011 by Denise Slabbert

With a pinch of salt

Move over Himalayan table salt, the next best thing to have on your dinner table is Kalahari salt - well that’s according to the foodie trend-watchers in local magazines. Himalayan salt - which originally came from Pakistan - became trendy a while back because of its mineral properties (so much better for you than the regular table salt variety), then came the introduction of Kalahari salt, which comes from the dry, barren Kalahari in Southern Africa. The salt is ‘organic’ and relatively unpolluted and is said to have a whole bunch of trace elements that are good for you. It’s now being touted as ‘Gourmet Salt from the Kalahari’ and the reports are that it gives food something a little extra.  I did purchase a bottle of the stuff just the other day - in the hope that it will give my energy levels (and my favourite dishes) a boost… Nothing yet, but watch this space.

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