01 December 2010 by Chris Marais

Who Dat Eggy Man?

There I am at the National Arts Fest in Grahamstown minding my own business and photographing everyone else’s, when a booming voice hits me from behind like a sound tsunami.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha! I am da Eggy Man! Ha Ha Ha Ha! Come and make a phone call by me!”

I have a weakness for eccentric people living on the fringes. My list of friends reads like the working cast of the old Pagel’s Circus that used to tootle around the country in the middle of the last century. Bearded ladies, strongmen, dwarves, body piercers, lion tamers, rogue Internet bloggers and very strange chefs - yep, I’ve got them all on fast-dial.

So it’s no wonder that I end up bonding with the Egg Man instead. Not the Egg Man of Aberdeen (another friend) but the Egg Man of The World. With a smile as wide as the Upper Karoo and more than 25 kg of egg paraphernalia on his dome.

Gregory da Silva comes from Benin, West Africa. His outfit includes a bit of ‘gris-gris’ in a bottle (de rigeur, coming from the home of Voodoo), a spirit mirror and clusters of sea shells on his chest. Gregory holds a qualification in computer science, acts well, writes better and yet all he really wants to do is “make people laugh”.

He behaves as if happiness is the coin of his realm, and wanders around SA wearing this outrageous headdress, grinning insanely and jabbering into a disconnected telephone. And then you can’t help pouring loose change onto his outstretched contributions tray.

“Hey! Come visit me at my website! It’s called www.putmoneyintomyaccount.com!” But it’s not, really. It’s just www.theeggman.co.za...

Category: Culture & History

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