02 September 2011 by Robyn Campbell

When does art taste better?

If you’re an art lover, haven’t you dreaded arriving at the opening of an art gallery or exhibition and being offered a glass of nameless plonk that has already been poured hours before you’ve arrived; or, worse, something sweet, nondescript, and sparkling that is passed off as ‘champagne.’

Great wine though, like great art, admits aesthetic evaluation; and while I’m not suggesting you praise a sculpture for its soft tannins, or try to determine the percentage of colours in a painting as you might the varietals in a blend; you’ll agree there’s a certain symmetry in the terms used to describe wine and art done well. The same creative synergy goes for craft, design, and fashion.

It makes perfect sense, aesthetic and alimentary, for the organisers of the Joburg Art Fair to have invited 4 top wine producers Meerlust, Tokara, Delaire Graff, and the Idiom Collection to present their ‘art’ - by the glass - for the pleasure of art lovers attending the show.

Likewise, what would events like Cape Town Fashion Week and Design Indaba be without the pop of a Méthode Champenoise cork or 6 to celebrate the best fashion and design South Africa has to offer?

How better to toast the creative showcase that is the Food, Wine, Design fair, or the ode to living beautifully that is Rooms on View, than with a flute of Moet?

Whether you believe that art (as with wine) has the ability to inspire us; or you think that winemaking can be artful; but that wine itself is not art, when the two meet, there’s a creative spark, that arouses something in us all.

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