22 April 2011 by Denise Slabbert

What's on the menu

I just love the creativity of the local health and wellness scene when it comes to creative treatments that use menu items such as honey, chocolate and fruit as part of the pampering process. At Spa Afrique in Gauteng, there are special treatments aimed at children and teens which include a peppermint massage, a strawberry milkshake wrap or a chocolate wrap. Another favourite for spa-goers is the Hydro Therapy Chocolate Bath on offer at Cybele Forest Lodge in Mpumalanga. If you’re staying at the Mount Nelson visit the Librisa Spa and enjoy an Africology Coffee Mint Clay wrap to stimulate detoxification. Then there’s of course the Mother Nature’s Orange Blossom Facial at the Zau Spa in Cullinan, you can follow that up with a fabulous meal in town (head towards the main street). The Vygenhoek Organic Spa in Dullstroom offers a beginners facial that combines nurturing rose quartz crystals with hydrating raw honey. If you’re at the Cigale Spa in the Magaliesberg, you can opt for the African Potato Wrap. Of course, don’t forget that there are a number of masks using the anti-oxidising properties of berries, and if you’re in the Cape, you could always go for a vino-therapy treatment. Vinotherapy makes use of extracts of grape (seeds and skins) to rejuvenate and replenish skin tone. Why not opt for a glass of bubbly after your treatment to add to the sense of occasion?

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