21 March 2011 by Denise Slabbert

What's in a name

Being on the African continent, our local spas have creative license to invent treatments and therapies that sound exotic and enticing, and of course - deliver on the goods.  At the Amani Spa - Thornybush Game Lodge your basic cleansing facial becomes the ‘African Goddess anti-ageing skin ritual’ ; at the Mangwanani African Day Spas (across the country) your average garden variety pedicure becomes a ‘foot gift’,  and a full-body massage using hot stones becomes the IZIMANGA ‘heaven on earth’ massage.  For those who enjoy detoxifying mud wraps, at Etali Safari Lodge in Madikwe you can enjoy Warthog Hour or you can go for the Tlhakanya African massage using knobkierries (a type of club made out of wood).  At Fourdoun Hotel and Spa in the Midlands there’s the Inkomfe African Potato healing wrap and if you need guidance from the ancestors, Dr Elliot Ndlovu, resident sangoma (and director of the spa) is on hand to help out. Got to love the creativity of the continent!



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