27 November 2012 by Denise Slabbert

Village life

Croft & Co is a relaxed little coffee shop offering fine, simple food in the village-like surrounds of Parkview.

Grant Ravenscroft and his sister, Anne Rich – taking care of the food needs of the neighbourhood

In Jo'burg, not everything is what it seems. Just a few weeks ago, luxury goods shop Croft & Co (in the suburb of Parkview) was transformed overnight into a great place for coffee and a few choice menu items.

Take a few delicious items home with you

The luxury ties, cigars, cufflinks and stylish men's wear went into hiding, to replaced by the delicious smells of coffee, jars of fine jams and preserves, and a few funky tables and chairs – and the locals, it seems, will be eternally grateful. 

Croft & Co (the name will change one day, but just not today) is owned by foodie and entrepreneur Grant Ravenscroft, known for three fantastic restaurants in Jo'burg in the past (Bite, Biscotti and Scusi). When it comes to food, Ravenscroft really knows what his customer is looking for. The menu here is small, but every item is delicious and freshly prepared by his sister, Anne Rich (Silwood Kitchen-trained), who worked in the food industry in the United Kingdom for a number of years.

Breakfasts are simple – the scrambled eggs are something to write home about – as is the variation of a traditional Caesar salad (this one has white sardines). The toasted fillet with grilled onions, tomato and mustard is already something of a hit.

Those with a sweet tooth aren't ignored either, with delicious cakes on offer, to go with great coffees and a range of beverages.

It’s is a great place to pull up a piece of pavement, sip on a glass of wine and watch village life go by.

Both the food and atmosphere are largely unpretentious, intentionally so, according to Ravenscroft, who views the new coffee shop as an intimate food stop for locals to hang out (of course, travellers are more than welcome if they're into unfussy but very tasty food and a great vibe).

Croft & Co is a great place to pull up a piece of pavement, sip on a glass of wine and watch village life go by.

  • Croft & Co: Shop 66, Tyrone Avenue, Parkview. Open from 8am until about 8pm. Tel: +27 (0)11 646 3634. There's free Wi-Fi (and you can put in an order to buy the gorgeous wood and steel tables).
Pavement life, Croft & Co, Parkview. All photographs Ryan James/Darling Lama

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