18 December 2010 by Denise Slabbert

Victorian Garden Organic Skincare

The Victorian Garden Organic Skincare Range is a home-grown range of beauty products available at various salons and health shops in South Africa. The brainchild of a certain Lindsay Salthouse who lives in Kloof, Durban - who saw a gap in the market for organic products that are gentle and effective at the same time. The range includes facial products and body creams using essential oil essences inspired by nature itself - think neroli, lavender and the like. There are two Victorian Garden Organic Skincare and Body Therapy salons where one can go for treatments and enjoy the benefits of this gentle range of body products.

[And if you really fancy the whole Victorian era comes to Africa theme pop into the Lindfield Victorian House Museum in Auckland Park Johannesburg].

For information on tours of Lindfield Victorian House Museum call Katherine Love on (011) 726 2932

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