07 August 2014 by Andrea Weiss

#TravelChatSA gets adventurous

With so many activities to choose from, South Africa is an ideal adventure destination for travellers.

Shark cage-diving. Image courtesy of Scott Kaintz

From rappelling down a cliff to diving with great white sharks, skydiving or simply throwing yourself off a bridge with a bungee rope attached, South Africa is an adventure-lover's delight, as evidenced by this week's #TravelChatSA.

Each week, for an hour between 7pm and 8pm on a Wednesday, travel enthusiasts get together on Twitter, using the hashtag #TravelChatSA to talk about their favourite travel topic. 

This week, participants were asked to share their favourite adventure activities and supply photographic evidence to match, with the bonus question: 'What adventure is still on your bucket list?'

Here are just some of the awesome adventures the 'travelchatsters' came up with ...

 Then there were some words of wisdom about who to choose when booking an adventure trip ...

And of course, there's always the last word ...

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