06 December 2012 by Ems Tsotetsi

Travel like a local with the Getaway Guide to Cape Town app

Heading to Cape Town anytime soon? Be smart and get the Getaway Guide to Cape Town app for your iPhone or Android-enabled device.

The V&A Waterfront in Cape Town

Getaway Blog recently published a piece introducing a new app for visitors to enhance their stay in Cape Town.

The Getaway Guide to Cape Town app costs less than R30 and is just what you need for your next Mother City summer break, keeping you pointed in the right direction, as well as giving you the best advice on where to go and what to do in the Mother City these holidays.


A view of Table Mountain A view of Table Mountain


What sets it apart?
The app features the best information from locals, Getaway journalists and tour guides who live, work and breathe for Cape Town, so you know the info you’re getting is real and not simply another tourist brochure.

The Getaway Guide to Cape Town features detailed information about some of the best-known attractions in Cape Town, including many of the top restaurants and bars in the city, as well as many of the lesser-known local hangouts. It features audio clips to the most well-known tourist attractions, a map of the city with favourite points of interest clearly marked, and a category filter to make finding points of interest even easier for you.

It's available for iPhone and Android.


What the app looks like What the app looks like


The Getaway Guide to Cape Town is available for your iPhone and for any Android-enabled device. So get smart with your smartphone and use local knowledge to its full potential when exploring the Mother City. Plus, the audio feature means that you can listen to information about well-known attractions without having to scroll through your phone.

Get it on your iPhone for $2,99

Get it on your Android-enabled device for just R27.36

  • Images and blog courtesy of Getaway Blog.

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