28 December 2011 by Julienne du Toit

Topless and Carbon Neutral

I love city bus tours (topless or otherwise). It’s a great way of getting orientated. And if there’s something you like, you climb off, explore and climb on the next bus coming through. Perfect.

City Sightseeing Cape Town, which operates those unmistakable red double-decker open-topped buses, recently became carbon neutral. They’ve adhered to European standards since 2006, with low emissions and environmental business practices like recycling, reducing energy and water use and lowering noise pollution.

But they still had a carbon footprint. They hired a company, Global Carbon Exchange, to find out how big it was and what they could do about it.

Once they knew, it was just a question of finding an offset project. They wanted a local one, and found a project in Cape Town called Reliance that uses a low-methane emission way of creating compost.

“There is a symbiotic vision shared by City Sightseeing and Reliance,” says Claus Tworeck, CEO of City Sightseeing Cape Town.  “Both organisations believe that it is not only imperative that we prevent more damage being done to the environment but that we also have to focus on reversing the damage.  We believe that this can be done by adapting innovative, sustainable solutions to tackle current social and environmental challenges.”

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