08 August 2011 by Denise Slabbert

Toffie Festival

Food Festivals abound around the world - and here in South Africa we’re growing, making, baking and cooking up a veritable storm. In the cities, in the towns and even villages we celebrate life, love and all things delicious.

What exciting news, then, that another - and unique - celebration of our unique part of the earth and the delicious array of things that grow in and on her will be celebrated during a new festival in Cape Town.

It’s all too, too mouthwatering.

The first two-day Toffie Food Festival and Conference will include talks by local food experts like Kobus van der Merwe (rock star chef), award winning cookbook writer Renata Coetzee (who probably knows more about our fascinating culinary history than anyone else on the planet) and the brilliant and insightful - and multi award winning - writer, cook, lecturer and radio broadcaster Anna Trapido (who will also present a tasting lunch focused on her book, The Story of Food in the Life of Nelson Mandela).

International fabulous food personalities include Julie Powel from the USA (from the movie Julie & Julia), ex-Managing Editor of ID magazine and now cookbook specialist Eloise Alemany from Argentina, and Tung-Yuan Lin (Taiwan), who is a coffee alchemist (as are many South Africans who create wondrous combinations we put in our mouths).

There are also events in the packed programme such as a Spier ‘vertical tasting’ wine workshop.

A host of home dinners will be cooked and presented by people such as celebrity chef, caterer, cookbook writer, media presenter and Kitchen Cowboy Pete Goffe Wood.

Others include enormously talented, charming Sumien Brink (Woolworths TASTE magazine) and Cara Brink.

Then there is the queen of scrummy sweetness, Tina Bester (Queen of Tarts) - whose delightful little shop in Observatory, Cape Town, filled with antiques and collectibles, displays a blackboard menu that presents enormous choice dilemmas: from sweet (think colourful, melt in the mouth fairy cakes and chocolate tarts) to savoury and fat, full, fresh sandwiches, soups and simmering seasonal stews.

Give yourself over to scrumptious entertainment. But don’t delay.

The first Toffie Food Festival takes place in the Cape Town City Hall on 3- 4 September 2011.

For more information:

Tel +27 21 462 6092

Email: toffie@thepresident.co.za

Twitter @ToffieFood



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