13 December 2010 by Julienne du Toit

There is Such a Thing as a Silly Question

I’ve been on a bazillion game drives in my life. And when it comes to that bizarre form of human interaction between first-time Africa visitor and game ranger of the moment, I’ve heard it all.

Unless you really want to become the butt of a future campfire joke, these are the questions you should not ask. Even if you’re burning up to know the answers.

1. Where do rhinos nest?

2. Where do sparewing geese keep their, well, sparewing?

3. Who landscaped Kruger Park?

4. Where do the animals go at night / when it rains?

5. Do giraffe hunt in packs?

The last one is particularly difficult to explain for game rangers, specifically because giraffe do sometimes suck on bones. I’ve seen it myself, and it is a pretty weird thing to behold.

But it makes sense. Giraffes do not want to be stuck with osteoporosis. Sometimes they live in areas with low calcium in the soil, so they needed to suck on a bone to get their quota.

Anyway, just in case it was you who asked any of the other questions, here are the answers

1. Don’t be silly. This is not Jurassic Park - rhinos don’t lay eggs.

2. SPURwing, not sparewing.

3. Mother Nature

4. There are no stables for wild animals in parks.

5. Giraffes eat leaves, not impalas.

While I’m on the subject, see that giant heap of vegetation high up in that tree? That’s the nest of a hamerkop bird. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a giraffe feeding station…

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