01 December 2011 by Julienne du Toit

The View that Heals

There is a place just outside Graskop in Mpumalanga called Panorama View Chalets. It’s not 5-star, it’s not replete with game, it doesn’t have trendy décor and it’s not expensive or exclusive. But it’s comfortable, has clean white sheets and view that I am completely addicted to.

Stay along on the first row of chalets and the Escarpment literally drops away at your feet, and stretches to high rocky ‘gates’ in the distance and a view that rivals God’s Window. All three dimensional.

As an additional perk, there is a white rushing waterfall in the distance to the left. On the right, also in the distance, a wall of wet rock with trickling, pattering water across a broad front. In fact, at night, you can actually hear the view - the soothing sound of running water over high rocks - in stereo.

I like to come here when things get too much and when I need to not think. I can sit on the verandah and gaze blankly and happily out at this glory without feeling the need to move a muscle, not speaking for hours on end.

Except perhaps, to remark on the bateleur eagle flying across the gorge, rocking its wings.

A feeling of tranquility drops me like a warm cloak - what bliss after the rush of the city. Just blessed peace and beauty.

Category: Wildlife

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