02 July 2011 by Robyn Campbell

The sweet truth - honestly

There. I’ve said it. The truth is that until a few years ago, the only way to find a really decent piece of chocolate was to import it yourself or schlep across oceans and continents in search of sweet sustenance.

The irony is, if you were departing frequently on secret chocolate diasporas (and you know who you are), it’s because South African chocolate was, well, too sweet. As confirmed to me over a decade ago, by a large local chocolate manufacturer who told me he imported Belgian couverture tweaked especially to suit soet South African tastes.

Whoever convinced the South African chocolate eating public at large, that chocolate needn’t be saccharine, bless you, and may your life be one big box of chocolates.

Not only can you now find top quality, hand crafted chocolates across South Africa, made with the best couverture money can buy, but a couple of local Willy Wonkas have popped out of their cacao pods and are making their own chocolate from scratch.

Meet Honest Chocolate, a couple of lads based in Cape Town, who go to an awful amount of trouble (they really do) to make tremendously good, unadulterated chocolate. Go and read their website, copy writers never lie - honest…

Free from preservatives, additives or emulsifiers, Honest Chocolate is also sans dairy and processed sugar. They use agave nectar instead.

If, like me, you were raised on good old ‘Glass-and-a-Half’, the first time you taste one of their pure chocolate pralines, your brain goes ‘Whoa, that’s not chocolate!’ and tries to brainwash you back into a state of sweet unconscious aka ‘the numb after the sugar rush’ that commercial chocolate manufacturers work so hard to induce.

But it’s too little too late, because there’s a rave party happening in your mouth. Antioxidant-packed cocoa-beats whoomp around your taste buds, giving off subtle umami riffs here, and fleeting floral notes there.  Somehow, you’re able to experience this chocolate revelation in delicious slow motion despite the fact that their raw organic chocolate melts on your tongue effortlessly and instantly.

Honest Chocolate is THAT intense. THAT good. Honestly.

Honest Chocolate has a shop at
66 Wale Street, Cape Town
Email info@honestchocolate.co.za
or call Anthony or Michael:
Anthony Gird: +27 (0)82 829 3877
Michael de Klerk: +27 (0)82 736 3889

Image courtesy and copyright Honest Chocolate.

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