13 September 2012 by Ems Tsotetsi

The royalty of the wild

Visitors to the Timbavati Game Reserve will be treated to unspoiled terrain and rare white lions, which have made this area famous.

Timbavati Game Reserve lies in the western part of the Kruger National Park. What makes this game reserve so special is its rare white lions. The white lions of Timbavati have earned their bragging rights as the royalty of the wild.



These magnificent creatures were brought to the public's attention in the mid-1970s by Chris McBride, a lion researcher and conservationist. They are unique to this area, and have not been seen elsewhere.

There are various prides throughout the reserve. For instance, the Shakubasa pride can be seen in the north of the Timbavati, and often make their way towards the neighbouring section of the Kruger and the Umbabat reserve.



Then there is the Giraffe pride, which can be spotted in the western part of the Timbavati.



People from all over the world come to the reserve to see these pale-furred lions. They really are a remarkable sight.



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