02 October 2012 by Melanie-Ann Feris

The luxury of a clifftop hideaway

Who says going to a game reserve means having to leave all luxury behind?

Fantastic decor and spectacular scenery make for great ambience at the Clifftop Exclusive Hideaway. Photos: Melanie-Ann Feris

I’m a city girl through and through, and even when I’m in the bush, I want a bit of luxury.

When we go camping I insist on taking along two-ply toilet paper, a hairdryer and plethora of techno gadgets, much to the mirth of my companions. 

The lounge area The lounge area
No sleeping in a flimsy sleeping bag for me and when nature calls, there is no way I will go behind a bush – besides the thought of creepy-crawlies that can get into places they shouldn’t, there’s the very real possibility of a rhino/lion/crocodile/leopard finding you while you are thus indisposed.

And just because you’re in the bush, doesn’t mean you don’t have to brush your hair and put on some lipstick (especially with all those game rangers wandering about). As a species, we’ve evolved too far to go bush in the bush.

As a species, we’ve evolved too far to go bush in the bush.

So when we arrived at The Clifftop Exclusive Safari Hideaway, in the Waterberg's Welgevonden Game Reserve, I felt right at home.

From the moment I stepped out of the safari vehicle and walked up a path lined with softly glowing hurricane lanterns, I was hooked.

Staff welcomed us with scented hot towels and perfectly chilled glasses of champagne. We were introduced to the butler, who would be taking care of us for the duration of our stay.

That being said, I like luxury, but understated and uncomplicated. A place shouldn’t be so grand that you can’t put your feet up on the couch after a hard day of game viewing.  

The restaurant The restaurant

The interior appealed to me immediately – done up in my favourite colour combination – silver and white with modern, stylish yet understated furnishings and decor. A blue infinity edge swimming pool provided a pop of colour and the open-plan layout gave me a perfect view of the spectacular mountain range.

I spent about an hour just sitting in a hanging chair, watching the setting sun change the sky into a kaleidoscope of colour before checking into my suite, my personal butler escorting me as Clifftop is not fenced and open to free-roaming animals, including elephant and leopards.

The suite consisted of a king-sized bed, a personal sitting room leading onto a deck with a private paddle pool, and a fully-equipped kitchenette. For me the best feature was the huge bath: with all the blinds open, I had a spectacular view of the mountainous surroundings.

Supper was served in the well-stocked cellar – away from the other guests – ideal for a romantic, intimate tête-à-tête.  And when I retired for the night, a river flowing in the valley below lulled me to sleep. I was loath to close the blinds, as I wanted to be woken by the sun streaming into the room in the morning.

Clifftop is for pure relaxation – no cellphone or internet connection, no TVs in the rooms. I have to admit it took me a few hours to get used to the notion. I was panicked that there was no way to get hold of the outside world and vice versa (unless I logged in on the hotel’s computer or made a call from their satphone). But being disconnected actually forced me to relax completely.

I hope everything will be exactly the same when I go back.

Oh, one more thing: there is a landing pad for your helicopter, for those days when you just have to beat the rush-hour traffic. This is definitely my kind of bush retreat!  

The spectacular bedroom The spectacular bedroom

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