14 December 2010 by Denise Slabbert

The Ecology Shrine

Local spirit-seekers will tell you that Hogsback in the Eastern Cape is one of the most spiritual places in South Africa. Certainly, the inspiring scenery of mountains and forests does much to revive the soul and it is here that you will find artist Diana Graham’s Ecology Shrine.  The shrine combines artwork and sculpture against a dramatic backdrop of the Amathole Mountains. Graham says of her work of art, ’ I wanted to give artistic expression to the scientific facts regarding the origin of Earth and of life on Earth. I wanted to give the onlooker the experience that the Earth and all of life upon it form a single interdependent whole. For many thousands of years our ancestors all over the world regarded the Earth as part of the sacred. The Ecology Shrine is my attempt to re-establish this in a contemporary and plausible way’.

For those who are intent on taking a spiritual journey as opposed to just another holiday, Hogsback (and the Ecology Shrine) are definitely worth a visit.

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