29 April 2012 by Melanie-Ann Feris

The changing colours of South Africa

It is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. Before the brown days of winter sets in Mother Nature has painted the country in a palette of yellows and reds.

Summer is by far my favourite season but I do love that time in South Africa when autumn sets in.


I live in Joburg and the city is a sight to behold when she changes into her autumn garb, as leaves turn golden and rust.

The days are getting cooler, but Mother Nature can still surprise us with a lovely warm afternoon, and autumn is by far more beautiful than the brown and brittle days that winter heralds.

I’m from the Northern Cape and winters can be harsh.  At home, in Kimberley, we all know when autumn’s arrived - my mom starts the winter spring clean.

It’s a sight to behold. Out come all the storage boxes and suitcases filled to overflowing with thick winter woollies, winter linens and curtains. Then arrives the arduous process of washing and airing it all.  The ritual happens in thousands of homes across the country each year.

This is also when my mom’s knitting needles come out and she starts creating the amazing works of art that are jerseys and scarves for her family, in preparation for those really cold days ahead.

Again she will try to teach me to knit the intricate patterns from pages torn from magazines or pattern books but the most I can manage are a few rows of knit one pearl one.

But that’s another story and I’m late for a picnic at Emmarentia Dam, surrounded by a forest of golden trees. It may be autumn in South Africa but it’s a beautiful day to be outside.

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